The Goal: A Safer City

To deter crime and improve public safety in its bustling downtown, the City of Aiken wanted to partner with area businesses to implement a leading-edge video surveillance system that would allow its Department of Public Safety to access live or recorded footage from any of the cameras that would be installed throughout the city. Recognizing the inherent challenges in a project of this magnitude, the City utilized a local consultant to select an experienced integrator to design and implement the system. NetPlanner Systems, with an office in Augusta, Georgia, had previously worked with this consultant on similar projects and was highly endorsed to assist the City in accomplishing this mission-critical technology initiative.

The Expectation: Network Reliability

Not only did the City of Aiken need to design and build a highly dependable integrated video surveillance system, but they also needed to implement a robust network that was easy to manage and scalable. With the understanding that the camera video footage would be used by law enforcement to track and document crimes, the analytical capabilities of the surveillance system were crucial for the city’s safety. The network backbone supporting the cameras was equally important as the city would miss out on vital information if the video management system experienced any downtime.

The Solution: NetPlanner’s Turnkey Approach

After leading several discovery meetings with the City of Aiken to identify and understand their specific needs and goals, NetPlanner’s security engineers and network services team provided a comprehensive design for an IP-based camera system and a robust network to support it. This design included Axis cameras and a Genetec video management system all supported by Cisco network infrastructure. Upon design approval, NetPlanner expertly installed the system and has since added cameras in additional public locations throughout the city.

Ongoing Support: Monitoring and Reporting

Since the successful installation of the network equipment and surveillance system, NetPlanner has continued to monitor its status through a service agreement with the City of Aiken. If any issues are detected, the City is immediately notified and can quickly respond to a camera malfunction, network connectivity issue or power outage in a matter of moments. With 24/7 availability, NetPlanner continues to stand ready to help the City of Aiken resolve any technology issues that may arise.

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