Distributed Antenna Systems / Small Cell

With wireless technology becoming the preferred communications method across the world, people expect their mobile devices to operate as effectively inside buildings as they do outside.  This can prove especially challenging for mobile users in buildings where structural elements (such as steel columns, layers of concrete and low-e glass) interfere with the data and voice reception, resulting in areas where mobile communication simply isn’t possible.

Poor wireless coverage inside buildings can also be a major factor where life safety calls cannot be completed due to weak signal strength, or where first responders cannot use their radios due to lack of reliable, ubiquitous radio coverage.

The most effective way to ensure a robust mobile data/voice network in your building is through the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or Small Cell.   DAS and Small Cell provide a dedicated network of antennas / devices for delivering RF signals indoors – offices, basements, mechanical areas, hallways, and wherever end users work, live and play – providing consistent and constant wireless coverage.

NetPlanner has a long history of providing custom designs and implementing solutions for our customers, whether it be a traditional DAS infrastructure or Small Cell, across a broad range of environments.  We are certified by the industry’s leading DAS equipment manufacturers.  Our team provides unyielding focus on the details required through every step from design to completion and beyond, as outlined below: