NetPlanner Systems was formed in 1987 by local Atlanta business leader Clint Bridges as a spin-off of a cable manufacturing company that he had formed during 1983. Bridges, who is a native Georgian, had spent a number of years operating his original company, which manufactured computer cable assemblies for use in connecting peripherals to personal computers. With this experience in hand he envisioned where the PC marketplace would move in the future as local area networks began to emerge in the marketplace. In 1986 Bridges elected to sell the manufacturing company due to increased overseas competition.

In late 1987 Bridges raised the necessary capital to begin the new venture. NetPlanner Systems began by marketing cable installation services to many of the same customers that Bridges had served in the prior business. The staff at NetPlanner Systems worked hard to create a reputation for consistent high quality network installations using all types of fiber optic cabling (both multi-mode and single-mode), copper cabling, Wi-Fi, and long-haul wireless.  NetPlanner Systems earned the reputation of being an integrity-based company with professionals who consistently do it right.  Demand for NetPlanner Systems’ services grew exponentially.

Thirty years after its inception, NetPlanner Systems continues to thrive by placing ourselves in an environment of constant learning and building. By constantly upgrading our skills in the many disciplines of engineering that are required to install complex information technology systems, we remain at the forefront of quality providers of technology solutions. Few companies possess the experience and stay on top of emerging standards like NetPlanner Systems.