Paging / Intercom Systems

Easy to Manage Systems with Full Paging and Intercom Functionality

Want to reach a dozen or thousands of personnel through a paging system’s one-way voice broadcast or an intercom system’s two-way communication? NetPlanner can provide everything you need — from design, build, hardware components and installation, to maintenance and repair.

We install paging / intercom systems inside schools, hospitals, plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, offices and retail space, as well as outside for loading docks, parking lots and grounds. We can organize by zones so you can page one, multiple or all zones — or have a conversation with one person by intercom. And, we can build features like background music and audio feedback elimination.

Choose from central or distributed amplification and a wide range of telephone system interface options and more — we customize to meet your needs and budget. Whether you need a handful or hundreds of one- or two-directional speakers/horns and amplifiers mounted on walls, ceilings, building exteriors or towers, we provide one-stop convenience for connecting your new system to your network.