Letter from the Chairman

To our stakeholders (which include customers, employees & vendors):

We are experiencing a technological revolution never seen before in history. The convergence of ubiquitous data availability, cloud computing, wireless high speed networking, fiber optic networks exceeding 100 gigabits per second, advanced multi-core PC processors, and the emergence of IoT has created unprecedented and exciting opportunities in the technology marketplace. Over the next decade the US business environment will become even more dependent on mobile data devices as users operate with unlimited freedom of mobility using smart phones, tablets and other portable computing devices.

Our company is poised for tremendous growth in this hyper-competitive marketplace and is led by a talented management team that is three decades in the making.  At NetPlanner Systems we thrive by placing ourselves in an environment of constant learning and building. By constantly upgrading our skills in the many disciplines of engineering that are required to install complex information technology systems, we remain at the forefront of quality providers of IT-based solutions. We focus our vision around the following principles and disciplines:

  • To be the premier technology partner to our vendors and customers by delivering unmatched customer service and project management.
  • To remain committed to the highest level of installation practices in the industry; being proactive to ensure consistency in this ever-changing market.
  • To gain financial success through quality delivery of services, a strong commitment to employee training, adherence to the strictest safety guidelines, and by cultivating a company culture that conducts business based on the highest ethical standards.

Let us help you in your next project to make the convergence of networking and business easier and to enrich your life through a positive relationship with a vendor who really cares about you and your network.

Wishing you the best in networking,

J. Clinton Bridges, RCDD
Chairman & CEO