State and Local Contracts

As a leading integrator and approved supplier on contract vehicles in multiple states, NetPlanner can help government entities expedite and streamline the purchase of top-quality technology products and services at pre-negotiated competitive rates.

Choosing NetPlanner as your technology partner will save you not only money, but time as well. Our highly qualified technical personnel, project managers, designers and engineers will make your job easier by ensuring that all your requirements and expectations are achieved for your end users.

We’ve completed hundreds of projects for federal, state, city, county and local public entities. Whether your needs are complex or simple, we’re here and ready to support you and your ongoing objectives.

Select any of the contracts below to learn more.

Georgia – Integrated Security and Surveillance Products and Services   99999-SPD0000172-012

Georgia – GTA Direct Network Services   98000-GTADirect-4666-NPS

Georgia – Cisco Networking Equipment and IT Infrastructure Products   99999-SPD-T20120501-0006

South Carolina – Audio Visual Products and Services  4400026092

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