Keeping Networks Strong and Healthy

Network reliability has become so important to healthcare operations that it literally can make the difference between life and death. Yet, many organizations struggle with outdated equipment, cobbled together with temporary fixes that inadvertently become permanent—until they fail at a crucial moment.

How does this happen?

Healthcare is a 24/7 industry, and management is continually jumping from one urgent task to the next, whether it’s meeting a new data privacy regulation or deciding if a medical breakthrough is ready for prime time.

Finding time to evaluate your network infrastructure holistically and make intelligent decisions in light of current and future needs, can be next to impossible.

Work with NetPlanner, and our comprehensive, customized approach will ensure you can spend your time focusing on what matters most:  your patients.

    • A designated project manager evaluates your network requirements from every angle; not only your practitioners’ needs, but also the equipment on which they rely, the patients they serve, and the support staff and visitors who require network access.
    • NetPlanner’s certified networking staff designs an architecture optimized for performance, interoperability and speed, with the capability to scale and grow into the future.
    • Field-tested project managers and installers – experienced working in sensitive healthcare environments – deliver personalized, responsive service, with schedule flexibility and 100% adherence to best practices for working in healthcare environments.
    • We offer ongoing, 24/7 network monitoring and proactive issue resolution to ensure your network’s peak performance.

We have built our reputation on consistency, personalized attention and deep commitment to the needs of our healthcare clients and their patients, with a nimble, adaptable operating model and zero margin for error.

We would appreciate the opportunity to prove our commitment to you. Click here to request more information, or call 800-795-1975.